Today, it is more important than ever to make sure you are being represented by a reputable lender. Below are some lenders that my past clients have used and that I would recommend. You are free to use whomever you prefer, but please remember that the seller may require that you are pre-qualified by a lender of their choice if they are not familiar with the lender you choose. With the new regulations and requirements, it is more crucial than ever to find a lender that will deliver what they promise.

Mortgage Lenders

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:: New Mexico Bank & Trust [MFA Affiliate] – Lindsey Rollins: lrollins@nmb-t.com  – (575)935-4500

:: Tammy Bass – (575) 799-6613

:: Universal Lending 

:: CMG Financial – Judy Case: jcase@cmgfi.com – (575)760-2430

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:: Frost Mortgage [MFA Affiliate] – Chris Wood – (575) 226-5363

:: Quicken Loans – Marvin Boless: marvinboless@quickenloans.com

Any and all contact information posted in this directory has been gathered as a resource and is subject to change without notice. There are multiple choices listed in hopes that you shop around for the best prices and services offered to fit your needs! Hope it helps 🙂